The Kidswear Resale Platform

secondhand clothes for the coolest tots on the block

Wunder Duds is a trusted and convenient resale platform to buy + sell childrens’ preowned, outgrown fashion.

We are a destination for families to save + earn money from kids secondhand clothing.

We are a dedicated space to help reduce fashion waste + provide a sustainable solution to fashion’s environmental crisis.

Our Story

Wunder Duds sprung to life from the sheer overwhelm of dealing with outgrown kids clothes and the lack of platforms dedicated to elevating the kidswear resale scene. 

Driven by the desire to leave the planet a better place for our kids, and a love of children’s fashion, our founder Lyndsey Diamond, leaped into action and created a bold and fun platform for reselling kids secondhand clothing.

Wunder Duds secondhand kidswear

Our Mission

Wunder Duds celebrates style, individuality, and caring for our planet. 

We aim to give all kidswear another life and turn the process into an enjoyable and fun experience. 

We offer a curated selection of unique preloved products, alongside a marketplace where families can list their kids’ outgrown fashion and contribute to the circular fashion system. 

Wunder Duds gives families the opportunity to earn and save money from buying and selling children’s outgrown clothing. It’s also a great way to teach our kids about the environmental benefits of resale.

By shopping circular, we can prolong the lifespan of the clothes our kids no longer need. We can help reduce fashion waste. We can raise awareness together. We can inspire change, and we can support a more conscious fashion future.