Hello! I’m Lyndsey, and this ray of smiley sunshine is, Maximilian.

We’re super happy you’re here.

If you’re looking to clear out the clutter, save a few quid, and be kinder to our planet then you’re in the right place.

Why I created Wunder Duds?

Like most families, I had an increasing pile of outgrown kids’ clothes, and most of them were in excellent nick.

I was baffled by the lack of outlets to easily sell them on. So, fueled by the passion to leave the planet a better place for our kids, a love of children’s fashion, a determined spirit, and a belief in the greater good – I decided to do something about it. I took a leap and created a platform to help the dilemma.

My background

I’ve clocked up over 20 years as a designer in the rag trade, including over a decade at Burberry and a spell in NYC working with established and start-up fashion brands.

As an insider, I’ve learned a lot about the industry and continue to do so, but much like you, I know it’s in need of an urgent makeover. I also know it can’t be done alone, we need to work together to be kinder to our beautiful planet and to our people.

Wunder Duds gives families the opportunity to earn money and save money from buying and selling children’s outgrown clothing, without substituting quality, style, or value. It’s also a great way to teach our kids about the environmental benefits of resale.

By shopping circular, we can prolong the lifespan of the clothes our kids no longer need. We can reduce waste. We can raise awareness together. We can inspire change, and we can support a more conscious fashion future.