Send us your clothes

Looking to declutter but strapped for time?

Send your kids’ outgrown
fashion to Wunder Duds.

We’ll do all the listing, photos and selling for you.

How It Works

• send us an email with pictures of the stuff you want to sell

• we’ll respond with our selection

• you send your items to us

• when we receive your goodies we’ll photograph + list your items on your profile page

• we take care of wrapping + shipping your sold items using our recycled packaging

• once your items sell, you get paid 60% of the sale price

How much does this cost?

• we charge a 40% commission fee per successful sale – you pocket the rest

• all earnings are transferred directly into your bank account once they sell

• accepted items are listed on consignment for 90 days

• any items that don’t sell are returned to you at your own cost or made into bundles and donated to children’s charities

s and brands.

Stuff to note

• items must be in excellent or good condition

• we accept quality Designer + High Street brands

• we accept sizes 0-12 years old

• don’t forget to include your name and email address in the package

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Send us your stuff

• want us to take care of selling your items?

• email us with details of the items you want to sell

• we accept clothing, shoes + accessories