Our Mission

who we are

Wunder Duds is a Kidswear Resale platform on a mission to keep children’s fashion in circulation.

We’re a dedicated space to resell children’s outgrown clothing.

We’re a place to purchase kids’ fashion already in existence without substituting quality, style, or value.

This platform makes it easy for savvy families to buy and sell kids’ pre-loved clothing.

Sell your kids outgrown clothes

our mission

To keep kids’ fashion (re)circulating.

We offer a curated selection of secondhand fashion styles for kids.

We provide a marketplace platform to easily buy and sell children’s pre-owned clothing. 

Sell your kids outgrown clothes

our vision

Our fashion future is circular.

We are passionate about teaching our children the importance of mindful consumption and the benefits of recirculating fashion.

We aim to connect + build an inspired community through the resale of second-hand goods. 

Kids second hand marketplace

our values

Humour / we take our planet seriously but not ourselves, we’re all big kids at heart

Curiosity / we ask questions, a curious mind stays open to wonder and possibilities 

Individualism / we celebrate every kid for who they are, quirks and all

Trust / honesty and transparency are the genuine core of our resale

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