Sellers are responsible for the shipment of items and the arrangement of the shipping method to their Buyer.

We recommend using  Royal Mail for their many options or, you can arrange with a local courier.

A tracked shipping option is recommened; digital or physical proof of postage should also be saved. This reference can be inserted into your shipping notes for your Buyer. 

Sellers have two options when setting their shipping costs: 

  • Set your own shipping costs:
    Sellers can set their own shipping rates depending on the shipping method they wish to use. The shipping fee can be inserted in the Shipping tab during the item listing process.
    If you would like to offer free delivery, select the checkbox.Another option, you can calculate your shipping into your selling price.
  • Use Wunder Duds shipping costs:
    Wunder Duds set an automated minimum rate for shipping at £3.20 per item.
    We also cap a maximum rate for shipping at £6.00
    Delivery is FREE for sales over £50 when buying from one Seller.
    Free Delivery is not available when items are combined from multiple Sellers.

First up, we recommend you contact your Seller directly to get an update and proof of shipping. This helps to track and trace any items in the post.

Should you not receive your item, don’t worry!
Only items bought inside Wunder Duds are eligible for a full refund if they do not arrive.


In light of the global pandemic, packages may take a little longer than usual to ship/arrive.
If your package is delayed please be mindful of this.
Should you have any concerns, we recommend you contact your Seller to ask for an update.

We encourage you to check your local Post Office for their specific opening times + always follow in-store safety processes with respect to social distancing rules.

If you have been affected by COVID and you know your items will be delayed, place a note within your Store Description to alert your buyers.

If you’re unable to fulfill the sale, we do advise you to refund your buyer.
This can be done directly through your PayPal account.