Selling on Wunder Duds

Selling on Wunder Duds

  1. On the main menu click on LogIn | Register and create a Wunder Duds account.
  2. Your Dashboard is where you can find all the info linked to your account.
  3. Head to Settings to configure your store before you add any products.
  4. Connect to your PayPal account to start receiving secure payments. By using PayPal it ensures every transaction is protected by PayPal Buyer or Seller Protection.
  5. Start listing your items!

It's free to list your items.

Wunder Duds do not charge a selling fee when you list your items yourself.

If you would like Wunder Duds to take care of your listings for you, we take a 40% commission on each sale.

At Wunder Duds we like to keep fashion circular. For as long as possible.
We encourage you to list clothing, shoes and accessories from all market levels and all styles.
You can list items starting from Newborn size all the way through to 13 years.

Listing a product is super easy!
Within your Dashboard, simply click the Add Product tab, upload a photo and fill out the info boxes.
Your items will go live on the marketplace once you save it.

You can add up to 6 photos in your listing.
This feature is located within the 'List an Item' tab.

Your feature photo is your primary image and will appear in the main marketplace.
Adding extra photos will increase your chances of a sale, you can add these to your Gallery by clicking on 'add more photos'.

Here's some tips on how to take awesome snaps of your goods:

1. Choose a neutral backdrop to keep attention fully on the product
2. Find a space with natural lighting to help capture the colours accurately and design details clearly
3. Use the photo editing tools on your phone or apps to brighten the image and make slight adjustments
4. Take close-ups of any design details you want to highlight, or any flaws that need to be mentioned. It's also a good idea to take a shot of any tags showing sizing info or brand details.
5. Don't use marketing photos from other websites without the owners permission. This would be a copyright breech, it would not show the current condition of your item accurately and your item will be removed.
6. Photograph your item in its full glory. Give it an Iron, hang it, lay it flat. Have fun. Creating consistent, clear and accurate imagery will attract potential buyers and increase your chances of getting a sale.

Wunder Duds prohibits the use of photos with children in them.
For obvious safety reasons, please only share photos with your products in them.
Should a listing be uploaded with a child included, this will be removed.

To achieve successful sales, your buyers will be looking for as much info from you as possible.
An accurate product description will answer all the questions the seller may have.
Highlight any important design features, does it run true to size? come with any flaws or stains? does it have an interesting story behind it?
To avoid bad feedback or disputes, honesty really is the best policy.

Categories help buyers find products quickly through our search and filter functions.
To assist your sales, be sure to add these to your listing.

Setting a realistic price for your item is key to a successful sale.
To get an idea of what figure to set, it's worth while browsing Wunder Duds marketplace or other online sites to understand what the current market rate is.
Please consider the condition of the item, any flaws or important design features that may the influence the value.

Sellers are responsible for the shipment of items and the arrangement of the shipping method to their Buyer.

We recommend using  Royal Mail for their many options or, you can arrange with a local courier.

A tracked shipping option is recommended; digital or physical proof of postage should also be saved. This reference can be inserted into your shipping notes for your Buyer. 

Sellers have two options when setting their shipping costs: 

  • Set your own shipping costs: Sellers can set their own shipping rates depending on the shipping method they wish to use. The shipping fee can be inserted in the Shipping tab during the item listing process.
    If you would like to offer free delivery, select the checkbox.Another option, you can calculate your shipping into your selling price.
  • Use Wunder Duds shipping costs: Wunder Duds set an automated minimum rate for shipping at £3.20 per item.
    We also cap a maximum rate for shipping at £6.00
    Delivery is FREE for sales over £50 when buying from one Seller.
    Free Delivery is not available when items are combined from multiple Sellers.

Within the Product Details Tab you can quickly select key characteristics of your item.
These include:
1. Condition of your product
2. Colour
3. Designer
4. Size
5. Gender

This info sits next to your Feature Image and allows maximum visibility of your item's style details.

All transactions on Wunder Duds will be made through Stripe, our third party payment provider.
To ensure payments are received, a Stripe connect account must be set up and verified.

For safeguarding, users should not request, accept or make a payment outside of the Wunder Duds platform.